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1Length requirements of three wheeled motorcycles in Tanzania PVOC business

TBS mail requires that the requirements for three wheel motorcycles exported to Tanzania should be strictly implemented in accordance with Tanzanian standard TZS 1231:2010 Part 2. Among them, the requirement of overal length is no more than 3000mm. Considering that the length of many products exported by China exceeds the standard, TBS also plans to raise the requirement of length in Tanzanian standard to no more than 3500mm. Before the new standard is issued, it is still carried out in accordance with the requirements of TZS 1231:2010 Part 2

Update time:2018/8/31

2Kenya PVOC updates certification requirements for lubricants and base oils

All lubricants and base oil products imported to Kenya need to be inspected by the inspection agency:
1. Test before shipment.
2、Carry out on-site inspection of each batch according to route a.
3、It is determined that it must comply with Kenyan standards or other recognized applicable standards.
Only when the above three conditions are met can COC (certification of conformity) be issued for customs clearance in Kenya.
In addition, recycled base oil will not be allowed to enter the Kenyan market.

Update time:2018/7/16

3Tanzanian PVOC is limited to accept supermarket products within 7 days

As for the inspection application of Supermarket Purchasing customers, some inspection institutions take too long to accept (as long as 2 months). After receiving the complaints from such customers, TBS now requires the inspection agency to complete the acceptance within 7 days. If it can not complete the acceptance, TBS shall feed back the situation to TBS, and TBS will take other measures.

Update time:2018/6/21

4Kenya declared war on illegal trade

At present, Kenya is facing many challenges in the process of fighting against illegal trade, while declaring war against illegal trade. The purpose of this letter is to require the full cooperation of the inspection agency: < br / > 1. Strictly refuse to accept products that do not meet the standard or allowed manufacturer's specifications.
2. ① ROUTE C and ROUTE B It must be inspected before each shipment. The Bureau of standards will revoke all current route B registration certifications. All products must be reviewed and registered again, and the Bureau of standards will put on record again.
② There will be no LCL in the future. All LCLs under route a must be tested and supervised.
Kebs requires all inspection agencies to comply with the above requirements. If there is any change or update, Kenya Standards Bureau will make further clarification.

Update time:2018/6/5