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China Hansom Inspection & Certification Co.,LTD

China Hansom Inspection & Certification Co., LTD,headquartered in Beijing,is an independent third-party inspection and certification organization with the background of a central enterprise, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan.

In the process of the development of the company, we have always provided customers with convenient, fast, impartial and confidential third-party inspection and certification services. My company's main business: inspection and testing services, certification services. Organizing cultural and artistic exchange activities; Conference and exhibition services; Port tally.

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Common Problem

What is CU-TR certification of Customs Union?

The Customs Union Commission is committed to formulating unified standards and requirements to ensure product safety. A kind of certification is common to the three countries, thus forming the cu-tr certification of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan customs union. The unified mark is EAC. There are two kinds of customs union tr technical regulation certifications: Customs Union tr certification of conformity and customs union tr declaration of conformity

What materials are needed for Nigeria compliance verification application?

Nigeria's SONCAP certification is the conformity certification exported to Nigeria. Materials required for certification: 1. Nigeria SONCAP certification application form; 2. Product photos, HS code; 3. PC test report; 4. Packing list; 5. Proforma invoice; 6. Form number

What is the PVOC certification process in Kenya?

1. Fill in the application form; 2. Apply for company information form; 3. Provide product information: product specification and 2 samples; 3. Determine the test standard, test time and corresponding cost according to the information provided; test the product, arrange the inspection and issue the certification if it is qualified.

What is ISO system certification?

ISO9000 is not a standard, but a group of standards. "ISO9000 family standards" refer to all international standards formulated by ISO / TC176. TC176 is the 176th Technical Committee in ISO. TC176 is specially responsible for formulating the standards of quality management and quality assurance technology.
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